samedi 24 décembre 2016

Voeux / Wünsche / Auguri

Je vous adresse mes meilleurs voeux pour ces fêtes de fin d'année. Que vous puissiez les passer en toute sérénité et en famille.

Ich wünsche euch ganz tolle Festtage. Ich hoffe, dass ihr besinnlich mit eurer Familie feiern könnt. 

Vi faccio i miei auguri per queste feste di fine anno. Spero che le passiate in tutta serenità con la vostra famiglia. 

jeudi 27 octobre 2016

Interview Women's soccer United

À l'occasion des deux matches aux États-Unis,j'ai eu l'opportunité de répondre aux questions du site internet de Women's Soccer United. Vous pouvez le lire ci-dessous.

Anlässlich der zwei Spiel in den Vereinigten Staaten durfte ich die Fragen der Internetseite Women's Soccer United beantworten. Ihr könnt alles hierunten lesen.

All'occasione delle due partite negli Stati Uniti ho avuto l'opportunità di rispondere alle domande del sito Women's Soccer United. Potete leggere tutto qui sotto.

Gaëlle Thalmann: It’s not always about playing beautiful soccer, sometimes it’s about fight and efficiency


It’s been a celebratory year for Switzerland women’s national team who completed a perfect qualifying campaign to book their place at the nation’s first ever UEFA Women’s EURO.

The Swiss squad are currently in the USA, having just competed in two international friendly matches against the world champions, USWNT.
We caught up with the Swiss national women’s team goalkeeper Gaëlle Thalmann to discuss her move to Italian Women’s Serie A club AGSM Verona, Switzerland’s historic year earning qualification for the EUROS and her expectations.

Women’s Soccer United: You signed for top Italian Women’s Serie A club AGSM Verona this year. Can you tell us what the similarities and differences are from your previous experiences playing for clubs in Switzerland and Germany?

Gaëlle Thalmann: The level in Italy is higher than in Switzerland. Top teams could surely play in the German League, but German soccer is more about athletic while Italian one is more about technical and tactical skills. For me as a goalkeeper it is really good to be in Italy because they have the best goalkeeper school!

WSU: You kicked off the new season with a 3-1 away win against Jesina. Does this AGSM Verona squad have what it takes to win back the league title?

GT: This is a very new team because the club decided to sign a lot of new players. So it will take time to learn each other and what the coach wants. But if we will have the right will to improve and to learn, there will be a way to play for the championship. It is our objective.

WSU: Who would you say are AGSM Verona’s biggest rivals in the Italian Women’s Serie A, and why?


GT: Surely Brescia, because they are the champions of last year and they have played together for a long time. Fiorentina has a lot of young players and their objective is to make better than last year. Mozzanica lost some players, but like us, when they will have spent some time together on the pitch they will be an important rival.

WSU: It has been an historic year for Switzerland as your perfect, unbeaten qualifying campaign booked your place at the nation’s first ever UEFA Women’s EURO tournament! Could you describe the feeling when you learnt you had clinched qualification? Was there good support of the team’s achievement in Switzerland?


GT: When we qualified in June, it was a really great feeling, which is difficult to describe with words. A lot of joy! And really cool to make it happen on the field! Because when we did it for the World Cup (9 wins and 1 draw), it happened watching Denmark lose some points! It was really cool to go on holiday and know the next summer we will be playing the Euro!
The press is speaking also more about our team, which is good. There was maybe more support for the World Cup because it was the first tournament, but we confirmed our performance with the Euro qualifying, which is great. And the press and fans continue to follow us.

WSU: What lessons were learned during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 that will help the national squad develop and prepare for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017?


GT: We know that at this high level details can make you win or lose. We should be more incisive in front of the goal, and more aggressive to defend our own goal. It’s not always about playing beautiful soccer, sometimes it’s about fight and efficiency. We surely have to be in an athletic top condition to make a good job!

WSU: The UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 draw will take place next month. Are there any teams you prefer to meet/avoid?


GT: It is a good thing for us that we are in the second pot. At the Euro there are only the best teams, so every team we will meet is ok. It’s all about good preparation and the will to always win. There is always a way!

WSU: What would be your realistic and dream expectations for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017?


GT: Realistic is to get over the group phase! Dreams are bigger than reality, because it makes you improve and work smarter and harder, to make them come true!

WSU: Switzerland competed in two international friendly matches against the World Champions USA, your last encounter was during the Algarve Cup in which the US won 3-0. What appeals to you most about this challenge and how important is it for development to play against world class opponents?


GT: Unfortunately, I was not present at the Algarve Cup because i was injured with my ACL. But i played the USA two years ago. It is always good to play games at such a high level and in front of a lot of people, because you can only learn and get over your own limits. It is an honour to play against the World Champion. But when we go on the field, we always try to win! It is our mentality, even against world class teams!

Source:, dernière consultation 27.10.2016. 

mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Highlights USA

Voici les highlights du match contre les USA.

Hier die Highlights des Spiels gegen die USA.

Ecco gli highlights della partita contro gli USA.

lundi 24 octobre 2016


Nous avons perdu le deuxième match contre les USA sur le score de 5:1. J'ai disputé la première mi-temps et le score était de 1:1. Il y avait 24'000 spectateurs!

Wir verloren das zweite Spiel gegen die USA mit 5:1. Ich spielte die erste Halbzeit und es stand 1:1. Es gab 24'000 Zuschauer!

Abbiao perso la seconda partita contro gli USA (1:5). Ho giocato il primo tempo ed il risultato era di 1:1. C'erano 24'000 spettatori!

samedi 22 octobre 2016

Highlights USA

Voici les highlights du match contre les USA.

Hier die Highlights des Spiels gegen die USA.

Ecco gli highlights della partita contro gli USA.

jeudi 20 octobre 2016


Nous avons perdu le premier match contre les USA sur le score de 0:4. J'ai disputé tout le match. Il y avait 14'000 personnes présentes.

Wir verloren das erste Spiel gegen die USA mit 0:4. Ich spielte durch. Es gab 14'000 Zuschauer.

Abbiamo perso la prima partita contro gli USA (0:4). Ho giocato 90 minuti. C'erano 14'000 spettatori. 

samedi 15 octobre 2016

Equipe nationale / Nationalmannschaft / Nazionale

J'ai été convoquée en équipe nationale pour disputer deux matches amicaux contre les USA, champions du monde.

Ich wurde für die Nationalmannschaft aufgeboten. Wir werden zwei Testspiele gegen die USA bestreiten, sie sind Weltmeister.

Sono stata convocata in Nazionale per giocare due amichevoli contro gli USA, campioni del mondo.

vendredi 14 octobre 2016

Champions League

Le match retour de la Ligue des Champions s'est déroulé au Stade Bentegodi de Vérone. Il s'agit du stade des hommes de l'Hellas (partenaire de notre club) et Chievo. 
Nous n'avons pas réussi à renverser la vapeur et avons fait match nul 1:1, après avoir perdu 1:3 au Kasachstan. Nous sommes donc malheureusement déjà éliminées de la Ligue des Champions. BIIK Kazygurt disputera les huitièmes de finale. J'ai joué les deux matches.

Das Rückspiel der Champions League fand im Bentegodi-Stadion von Verona statt. Es handelt sich um das Stadion der Männer von Hellas (Partner unseres Vereins) und Chievo.
Leider konnten wir das Resultat aus dem Hinspiel nicht wieder gutmachen und spielten 1:1. Wir sind somit leider bereits aus der Champions League ausgeschieden. BIIK Kazygurt geht ins Achtelfinale. Ich spielte beide Spiele.

La partita di ritorno della Champions League s'è giocata al Bentegodi di Verona. È lo stadio degli uomini dell'Hellas (partner della nostra società) e del Chievo.
Purtroppo non siamo riuscite a ribaltare il risultato dell'andata e abbiamo pareggiato 1:1. Siamo purtroppo già eliminate della Champions League. BIIK Kazygurt giocherà gli ottavi. Ho disputato entrambe le gare.

vendredi 7 octobre 2016

AGSM Verona - Tavagnacco

Le match de championnat prévu le 8.10 se jouera le 1.11. La rencontre contre Tavagnacco a été déplacée en raison du long déplacement au Kasachstan pour la Ligue des Champions.

Das Meisterschaftsspiel vom 8.10 wird neu am 1.11 stattfinden. Die Partie gegen Tavagnacco wurde aufgrund der Reisestrapazen nach Kasachstan für die Champions League verschoben.

La partita di campionato prevista per il 8.10 si giocherà il 1.11. La partita contro il Tavagnacco è stata spostata per causa della lunga trasferta in Kazakistan per la Champions League. 

jeudi 6 octobre 2016

Champions League

Nous avons joué hier contre BIIK Kazygurt en Ligue des Champions. Nous avons perdu 1:3. Nous avons très mal commencé, encaissant rapidement un but. Le score était de 0:2 à la mi-temps. Nous avons ensuite réduit le score avant d'encaisser le 1:3 sur une contre-attaque. J'ai disputé tout le match. Le match retour aura lieu à Vérone au stade Bentegodi le 12.10. 

Gestern spielten wir gegen BIIK Kazygurt in der Champions League. Wir verloren mit 1:3. Wir starteten sehr schlecht und kassierten sofort ein Tor. Es stand 0:2 zur Halbzeit. Wir konnten den Anschlusstreffer erzielen, kassierten aber das 1:3 nach einem Konter. Ich spielte durch. Das Rückspiel findet am 12.10 im Bentegodi in Verona statt.

Ieri abbiamo giocato contro BIIK Kazygurt in Champions League. Abbiamo perso 1:3. Abbiamo iniziato la partita molto male, subendo gol molto presto. Il risultato era di 0:2 all'intervallo. Abbiamo accorciato le distanzi per poi subire l'1:3 in contropiedi. Ho disputato tutta la gara. La partita di ritorno si giocherà il 12.10 al Bentegodi di Verona.

dimanche 2 octobre 2016

Jesina - AGSM Verona

Le championnat a commencé ce weekend et nous avons affronté le néo-promu Jesina. Nous avons gagné le match 3:1 en nous créant beaucoup d'occasions. J'ai passé le match sur le banc.

Die Meisterschaft ging am Wochenende los und wir spielten gegen den Aufsteiger, Jesina. Wir siegten mit 3:1 und hatten zahlreiche Torchancen. Ich verbrachte das Spiel auf der Bank.

Il campionato è iniziato questo weekend e abbiamo giocato contro il neopromosso Jesina. Abbiamo vinto 3:1 e abbiamo creato tante occasioni. Ho passato la partita in panchina. 

samedi 1 octobre 2016

Highlights Supercoppa

Voici les highlights du match de Supercoupe contre Brescia.

Hier die Highlights des Supercups gegen Brescia.

Ecco gli highlights della Supercoppa contro il Brescia.

vendredi 30 septembre 2016


Nous avons disputé avant-hier la Supercoupe d'Italie face au Champion en titre, Brescia. Nous avons malheureusement perdu cette finale sur le score de 0:2. J'ai disputé tout le match. 

Vorgestern spielten wir im italienischen Supercup gegen den italienischen Meister aus Brescia. Leider verloren wir dieses Finale mit 0:2. Ich spielte durch.

Abbiamo giocato avantièri la Supercoppa italiana contro il Brescia, campione d'Italia. Purtroppo abbiamo perso questa finale 0:2. Ho giocato tutta la gara.

mardi 6 septembre 2016

Qualifications à l'Euro / EM-Quali / Qualificazione agli Europei

J'ai été convoquée pour les derniers matches de qualification à l'Euro. Nous irons en Géorgie pour le match du 15.9 et nous affronterons l'Irlande du Nord à Bienne le 20.9. Nous espérons voir beaucoup de monde lors du dernier match à domicile!

Ich wurde für die letzten EM-Qualifikationsspiele zur EM aufgeboten. Wir werden nach Georgien reisen, wo das Spiel am 15.9 stattfindet. Wir spielen dann am 20.9 in Biel gegen Nordirland. Wir hoffen, dass ihr zahlreich zum letzten Heimspiel kommt.

Ho ricevuto una convocazione per le ultime partite di qualificazione agli Europei. Andremo in Georgia dove la partita si svolgerà il 15.9 e poi affronteremo l'Irlanda del Nord a Bienna il 20.9. Speriamo di vedervi numerosi per l'ultima partita in casa!

lundi 5 septembre 2016

Coppa Italia

Nous avons disputé le match retour de Coupe d'Italie contre Vicenza. Nous avons gagné 8:0 et passons donc le tour. Après la victoire 9:0 au match aller, j'ai passé ce match sur le banc.

Wir spielten das Rückspiel des italienischen Cup gegen Vicenza. Wir siegten mit 8:0 und sind damit eine Runde weiter. Nach dem 9:0-Sieg im Hinspiel, verbrachte ich dieses Spiel auf der Bank.

Abbiamo giocato la gara di ritorno di Coppa Italia contro il Vicenza. Abbiamo vinto 8:0 e siamo passate al prossimo turno. Dopo la vittoria 9:0 alla partita di andata, ho seguito questa gara dalla panchina.